Operating a business that provides services for home improvement or property management calls for attention to branding and presentation strategy. The way that contractors present their business to real estate professionals could make a significant difference in their ability to secure new contracts and engage repeat customers. Outpacing the local competition requires an attractive balance of reputation, experience, and marketing materials that prospective clientele can consume.

Branding and Price Point

The goal of attracting people at a certain price point relates less to the actual cost and more to the perception of value (to an extent, of course). The way that a company uses branding to express their value to prospective clients depends on the type of client they want to get – or perhaps the most common type of client in their area.

Emphasizing good work for the price tends to work better than simply advertising low costs. Real estate professionals often know that the contractor who consistently puts in the lowest bid may not always be the best choice. As such, they usually look for other signs of a fair deal.

Any advertising approach for a target demographic varies based on cost. Customers looking to put in a series of luxury upgrades for high-end homes want the emphasis on quality materials, skilled labor, and attention to detail. Businesses seeking contractors to provide regular repairs and improvements for a series of properties may respond more to competitive pricing and efficient work.

Real estate professionals, also wanting to protect and enhance their own brand, are more attracted to businesses that also do the same. Contractors that consistently protect their brand, show and prove quality work while also having competitive pricing, are standouts that most people in real estate would be attracted to.

Building Your Brand Locally: Strategies and Tools for Differentiating your Business

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Reputation Management

Having a good reputation online and in the community gives potential clients peace of mind about their decision. Most people who are looking for a good contractor (especially real estate professionals that are new to an area) will start with the following outlets:

  • online reviews
  • referrals from previous clients
  • recommendations from other agents or investors in the area

Solid brand management for a contractor demands attention to all three of these areas. When real estate professionals start looking for contractors, they often begin with a quick online search.

Contractors with a solid online presence including a website and profiles on relevant home improvement sites will generally appear to be the more consistent choice.

Reputation from the community is also an important aspect of brand management. References from past customers should be relevant to the kind of project that prospective clients are looking for. Establishing a history of good work from the perspective of other contractors could be an effective way to prove reputation and find new clients. Contractors who work well with others and maintain those professional relationships may be recommended by contractors in a related field.

The tricky part with all of this is that doing a great job is sometimes not enough if there is enough competition. Contractors in these kinds of situations should encourage or ask for reviews/testimonials from those who truly valued their services.

Proper Licensing and Insurance

Home improvement and maintenance involves a combination of investment and liability. Contractors can be held liable for the work they do. People who hire contractors to do work for them in a professional real estate capacity are also on the hook for the quality of the product should work not be up to required standards.

Contractors should work to achieve and maintain current licenses and insurance. Having this information ready for customers when they ask for it will demonstrate a willingness to comply with local laws and industry standards.

Building a Profitable and Successful Construction Company

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Relevant Experience

There are many different ways that contractors can show their skills and experience. The more comprehensive and relevant to the project at hand, the better. Contractors may want to create a selection of portfolios that showcase the variety of projects they are available to do. A package that customers can browse through with a high level of detail will help them to make an informed decision.

Professional pictures from a variety of angles, and information about a contractor’s process in the project, could offer an attractive package that also answers customer questions. This kind of investment in the presentation is important to gaining and keeping business. Real estate professionals are subcontracting their own reputations when they hire out for improvements. They want to know that the company they work with is just as committed to quality as they are.

Proven Commitment to Professionalism

Every project is an opportunity to build a long-term working relationship. It begins from the very first interaction. The ability to do quality work is only one part of the equation. In order to get to the project in the first place, the customer needs to know that the contractor will be:

  • responsive to questions and other communication
  • attentive to matters of accuracy before the project begins
  • able to understand various aspects of the project
  • realistic about their own commitments

The most successful contractors know how to balance engaging with prospective customers while they complete work that is already on the schedule. Customers are more likely to respond positively to professionals who take client time seriously and avoid overextending themselves.

A high rate of construction projects take too long and cost too much. Real estate professionals often understand this, so they prize contractors who work hard to minimize these potential issues.

In today’s hyper-competitive world, every bit counts when looking for new sources of business. Businesses that can adapt, improve, and play to their audience’s needs and desires will create a strong foundation for their future. By taking care of the way they present their services, contractors can better ensure that they receive the attention they want to get.

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