A platform dedicated to helping construction professionals publish and sell online courses.

If you’re looking for a platform like Udemy, where you can publish and sell online courses specifically for the construction and skilled trades industry, look no further.

We’re Construct-Ed: online learning for Pros, by Pros. Our mission: make it easy for anyone in construction or skilled trades to learn what they need from experienced Pros in the field.

We built Construct-Ed as a marketplace where you any experienced professional, business, or association in any  construction or trades industry can publish online courses quickly and easily.

Why publish with Construct-Ed? Here’s 4 reasons:

1- We’re a platform dedicated solely to construction and skilled trades. Our users are real people in the industry or looking to join the industry.

2- It’s 100% free. It’s time consuming and costly to build your own online learning platform. When you publish with Construct-Ed, you can simply link to your own course landing page from your website, social media accounts, or anywhere else. Simply point your audience to your course, where they’ll be able to watch a preview and purchase.

3- We handle all support issues, and payment processing. Most of our instructors are working full time jobs, running companies, or leading associations. If your students have questions or support issues, rest assured we’ll handle every issue for you. Not to mention, when you launch your own site you need to figure out how to handle credit card transactions securely, and more. When you publish with Construct-Ed, that’s all taken care of.

4- Reach a wider (construction only) audience. We’ve got new users joining our platform every day that can come across your course organically. Whenever you publish a new course, we’ll email our existing users and let them know about it.

Who’s using Construct-Ed?

Here’s a few industry professionals using us to educate their audience, and the rest of the industry:

Ready to get started?

Reach out and let us know! Getting started is fast and easy. In just a few steps, you can publish and start selling your own online course for construction professionals.

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