Construction Jobs Hiring Surges in 27 States Illustrating the Need for Qualified Construction Workers

By Construct-Ed Inc.

In the light of unstable times in the construction industry, hiring at least seems to be on the rise again. According to a new federal employment analysis released by the Associated General Contractors of America, construction jobs hiring has grown in 27 states from September to October. New York and North Dakota saw the highest addition in construction job openings while Pennsylvania and Louisiana experienced the largest decreases.

However, association officials said contractors are blaming a lack of job gains due to the shortfall of available workers, causing delays and higher costs for projects. Contractors have been eager to hire qualified applicants to fill the 412,000 job openings in the construction industry at the end of September as according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Open positions exceeded the 348,000 total number of employees hired that month, suggesting employers were out to hire twice as many workers as they were able to find.

This extreme construction worker shortage has led construction industry leaders to push for allowing willing workers with construction skills to lawfully enter the country to work within the construction industry. There is also a steady push for new federal investments in construction education and training programs. “Addressing workforce shortages will help tame rising construction costs and keep more projects on schedule,” said Associated General Contractors of America’s chief executive officer, Sandherr. “Immigration reform will provide immediate relief, but public officials must also play the long game and invest in the kind of training and education programs needed to get more workers into high-paying construction careers.”

With the current construction worker shortage, now is a great time for those who might be considering a career in the construction industry to make the move. Never worked in the construction industry? There are plenty of no-experience needed jobs where you can get started. Many of these entry level positions can turn into full time careers where you can grow in your skills and advance into other positions. Also, employers who are in need of good employees may overlook the lack of certain technical jobs skills if you show you are a hard-working self-starter with a good attitude. Many construction careers allow for on the job training.

If you have previously worked in the construction industry now may be the perfect time to re-enter the industry and continue your career advancement. Construct-Ed offers plenty of courses to help you gain more construction management skills. Everyone from residential contractors to commercial construction companies are looking for workers that are willing to learn and work hard. The skilled trades are a great career choice. They allow you to do meaningful work with your hands and earn a great living doing it. They’re not for everyone, but if the idea of a 4-year degree and loads of student debt doesn’t appeal to you, you might consider construction. And with the current worker shortage there couldn’t be a better time.


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