Construction Industry, Connected Devices and the Internet of Things

On Tuesday I caught the latest episode of the Peggy Smedley Show where she spoke with three speakers from Constructech’s upcoming Technology Day on August 27th in Chicago.

Growing trends in technology and how technology is changing the shape of the construction industry is a hot topic in the industry these days, one which we wrote about a few weeks ago.

In this episode, Peggy discusses how the internet of things (iOT) and connected devices are shaping the construction industry today.

Key discussions:

1. What technology is affecting subcontractors and how they’re embracing it (Chad Pearson, director of business development, Plexxis Software)
2. What’s really happening from Building Information Modeling (BIM), how it’s changing the industry and what you need to know (John Grady, president, Epic BIM)
3. Work breakdown structures and using technology for collaboration both internally and externally on construction projects (Ed Coffin, senior product advisor, ConEst)

Important points impacting safety and collaboration:

• These new and emerging technologies can greatly benefit safety and security.
• The latest technology can be used to help with decision making and company-wide collaboration in the office and on the job site.
• Connected tools allow us to perform real-time monitoring of the construction work force and remote monitoring of construction vehicles.

Moreover, cell phones have become tools, and the next generation of technology is coming through in the way of connected hardware. The future is now. These technologies are really impacting what’s happening in construction in the office, on the go and on the job site. We’re able to communicate now like never before. How do we use these connected devices, apps and software to collaborate internally and externally in the industry?

One such way that technology is impacting the construction industry both in-office and on the job site, is online training and the ability to upload training courses, track employee progress, and access training from connected devices on the go and on the job site. As a publisher, online training allows you to reach a wider audience, eliminate travel expenses and provide your clients with training. As a learner, learning allows you to save time and money, complete standardized training, take quizzes to solidify what your knowledge and earn certificates of completion. To learn more about what Construct-Ed offers to the construction industry in the way of online training, please visit

To listen to the full radio show on how iOT is impacting construction, click here.

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