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Construction estimating courses online are a fast and easy way that you can learn estimating basics, or advanced estimating skills, at your own pace. They can be easier to follow than construction estimating books, and give you a visual to follow along with in each video. Estimating, bidding, and submitting proposals are critical skills to get right. Getting your estimate wrong can lead to profit loss and a decline in business, or if you end up overcharging, a loss in clients. It’s also important to know how to submit a bid or proposal to clients in your trade: what information it should cover, what pricing it should show, etc.

Learn construction estimating and bidding skills from real pros in the industry.

Our estimating courses are published and taught by real experts in their field, passionate to teach you estimating and bidding skills. Whether you’re brand new to estimating and looking to learn estimating basics, looking for cost estimating courses, or an experienced tradesman looking for help to get your estimates and proposals more accurate, we’re here to help. At Construct-Ed we want to make it easy for you to learn from real pros on the skills you need, so you can grow your knowledge and business.  Whether you need to train your employees or in-house estimators, or whether you’re an independent contractor just starting out, check out these estimating or bidding courses to improve your estimating and bidding process. Even if you use construction estimating software, it’s important to understand the basics of how estimating works and the principals behind how you’re getting your job cost or bottom line.

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These construction estimating classes are taught by real pros in their various trades. We’re always working to add more- so be sure to request a course if you don’t see one you want, or submit one yourself if you’d like to teach on a subject.