Free Course Access for Students at The Centre.

We (Construct-Ed) and our contributing Instructors have partnered with The Centre for Skills Development & Training, to offer their students free access to all courses on Construct-Ed for one year. The Centre is an organization in Ontario Canada dedicated to providing people with opportunities to build a better future. They feature a Skilled Trades department which recently partnered with Construct-Ed to give all students enrolled in their Trades Program free access to hundreds of construction and trades related courses.

Our Ongoing Program.

Thanks to the generosity of the Instructors who publish courses on Construct-Ed, we’re working to offer our Free Courses for Students program. This program allows votech schools, trade schools, and more, to enroll their students in all courses on Construct-Ed for FREE, for one year. The courses will help students learn from real Pros in the industry, and grow their knowledge and skills. Courses cover everything from business management, to accounting, marketing, safety, trade skills, and more.

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