What’s The Benefit of Joining A Construction Trade Association?

You have decided to go into business for yourself. The paperwork has been filed, the checking account has been created and now it is time to get to work.

As you get into your business, you find that you have competing interests. You watch every dollar to make sure that you can remain in business. But you find that you are running into problems that need solutions. Problems cost money so you begin to look for resources that can help you run a more effective business.

At your prior employer, you remember them being a member of various construction trade associations. You recall asking yourself why they wasted their money on being members. You begin to see the wisdom behind their choices.

So what really are the benefits of construction trade associations?

Here are 6 benefits for businesses that join construction trade associations.

  1. Networking – by being a part of construction trade associations, business owners are able to network with other like-minded professionals in their industries. Friendships are created that allow for the free exchange of ideas including best practices.
  2. Education – construction trade associations are outstanding sources of industry specific education. Long-term success in any industry is in part based on learning and staying up-to-date on all changes to the industry.
  3. Training – hands-on training is critical for the long-term growth of a company. Employees must be trained to meet the latest government requirements (e.g. OSHA, etc.). These trade associations help business owners remain in compliance with these requirements.
  4. Government Lobbying – many construction trade associations (e.g. National Roofing Contractors Association, etc.) have an established lobbying arm within their organization.
  5. Group Purchasing – aggregating together as larger group allows individual companies to have greater buying power. This benefit provides an immediate cost savings for their members.
  6. Technical Support – many construction trade associations provide a national standard for construction specifications. Many of these operate a technical department that helps support its members.

The following is a sample list of trade associations that support the construction and remodeling industries.

In order to find remodeling and construction trade associations that support your industry, conduct an online search. Some trades offer regional associations as well as national associations. Choose what works best for you and your business and get involved! It will have long-term benefits to your business.

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