Learn How Technology is Improving the Construction Industry

There are a lot of articles floating around on the web about the latest trends in technology affecting the construction industry. The specific technology trends vary widely from article to article, but one message seems clear: It’s a good idea to be aware of existing and emerging technologies that could change the way you do business for the better.

The following three technologies help equip construction industry professionals to do business on the go and save time like never before:

1. Smartphones and tablets. More portable than a laptop, and essentially a hand-held computer, construction industry professionals have come to rely on the convenience of smartphones and tablets. Most of us cannot imagine doing business without them these days. But perhaps what’s most important about the use of smartphones and tablets is that they further enable us to use other useful technologies like the next two on the list. Page 6 of this eBook from Procore.com explains how mobile technology is now saving even the smallest of construction companies 1-2% each year (How Construction Technology Saves Time, Money and Jobs).

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2. Cloud, applications and software. With the use of cloud storage, large amounts of data can be stored in the cloud and conveniently accessed anywhere via apps and internet on smartphones, tablets and laptops. Project management software applications such as Procore Construction Management Software and Microsoft Project can revolutionize the way you do business and manage projects from anywhere (as featured in Construct-Ed Show Episode 11).

3. Online training. Most of us are familiar with online training platforms such as Udemy and Lynda. Online learning is a great way to save time and money training your employees or expanding your own skill set. While most online training sites have few to no construction industry courses, Construct-Ed features only construction-related courses. (For further reading, see 5 Benefits of eLearning in the Construction Industry and The Value of Online Training). Such online courses can be easily accessed and completed from any smartphone, tablet or computer with an internet connection.



When aptly applied, much of the latest technology will most certainly improve the way you do business. What are some of your favorite technologies that you employ in your business? Leave your answers in the comments below.