Here’s 3 Valuable Tips for Developing Quality Construction Project Leads

Do you have enough work? Maybe right now. But look back over the past year. Did you have a consistent backlog of work and construction project leads?

If you are honest with yourself, the flow of construction project leads for your business is not a steady stream. In fact, it probably resembles a hose with a few kinks in it. Sometimes it is putting out the right stream of work and project leads. Other times it leaves you scratching your head trying to figure out why nothing is coming out.

Marketing and business promotion are super important for construction companies. Without a steady flow of construction project leads, there will be a slowdown in work. And a slowdown in work leads to a slowdown in cash flow. And no one likes to see a slowdown in cash flow.

So how do you remove the kinks from the hose that feeds your company it’s construction project leads? Here are some simple but effective techniques to help you increase your backlog.

Developing Quality Construction Project Leads: 3 Techniques

  1. Ask your current customers for referrals. You do great work as a contractor. You are continually working on delivering great services and finished projects. Your customers are happy with your work. Now leverage that great reputation by asking them if they have any family, friends or neighbors who may need your services.
  2. Get your trucks labeled. In a lot of areas of the country, your vehicles have to be labeled to comply with licensing requirements. If your vehicles are not labeled you are missing a golden opportunity to let people know you are in the area. My company has received multiple projects from customers who have mentioned that “I saw your truck in the area.”
  3. Network, network, network. If you don’t tell people that you are in business, they are not going to know. You have to share with people that you are in business and what you do. Be careful not to over-promote yourself. Focus more on telling people what type of problems you work on solving. If they have that problem, the will look to talk with you further about it.

It is important to remember that you cannot wait until you are out of work before you start promoting and marketing your business. Get into a routine habit of sharing about your construction company and the type of problems you solve consistently so that you are generating the buzz to keep your company in the work.